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Hans Henrich Hock

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor Emeritus, Linguistics

Recent Publications

Hock, H. H. (2022). Passives and anticausatives in Vedic Sanskrit: Synchronic and diachronic perspectives. In Alignment and Alignment Change in the Indo-European Family (pp. 166-187). Oxford University Press.

Hock, H. H. (2021). Foreigners, Brahmins, Poets, or What? The Sociolinguistics of the Sanskrit Renaissance. Journal on Asian Linguistic Anthropology, 3(2), 1-17.

Hock, H. H. (2020). Principles of historical linguistics. De Gruyter.

Hock, H. H. (2020). The Steppes, Anatolia, India? Migration, Archaeology, Genomes, and Indo-European. Journal on Asian Linguistic Anthropology, 2(4), 1-27.

Hock, H. H. (2019). English in South Asia: Lessons and parallels. World Englishes, 38(1-2), 105-113.

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