Our curriculum units are designed to be stand-alone lessons appropriate for many age levels or to serve as a basis for creating learning experiences to suit a wide range of grade levels and course requirements. Available for free download from our website in a ready-to-use format, each unit has an informative and rich basic component that can be treated as a source for comprehensive information suitable for middle school classes. This core can also be a starting point for research into a particular subject for students in higher grades.

In addition to these units, we also offer information sheets on the twenty-eight countries within our region for use in class and to aid student research. These sheets contain specific information regarding these countries’ populations, ethnic make-up, climate, and languages. Other information sheets discuss the flags, currencies, and capital cities and cover basic information regarding them. Many of these sheets are accompanied by activities reviewing the material.

Many of these curriculum units focus on a varied blend of cultural, social, traditional, and religious issues, each discussed in appropriate depth. In order to foster curiosity many of these units focus on hands-on activities, such as making a Ramadan Lamp, designing your own currency, or creating a Turkish carpet.

It is our hope that together with these materials educators can help their students gain a worldly and nuanced view of the socio-cultural heritage of the Middle East. This will help them to have a deeper understanding of their world and the world of others.


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