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The Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (CSAMES) was founded to sponsor, highlight, and encourage events that further our academic community's awareness of and knowledge about the societies of South Asia and the Middle East. CSAMES is engaged in activities to foster knowledge and debate on those areas on campus as well as among community institutions such as schools, libraries, and service organizations, and we welcome suggestions for collaborative efforts in the service of these goals.

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Alumni Spotlight: Nilufer Duygu Eriten

Duygu is from Istanbul, Turkey, where she lived all her life before coming to the US in 2007. She studied in Istanbul University and has a BA and MA in economics. Duygu graduated from the CSAMES MA in Spring 2010. Her interests are the formation of the ethnic identities in the Middle East and in the Balkans during the nineteenth century, the late Ottoman Empire era and the Turkish and Kurdish nationalism.  

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Zeynab El Bernousi

Recent Lecture: China and the Middle East through the lens of Halal Diplomacy

This research focuses on certain halal markets that are large and have aspirations to lead halal certification and quality standardization in recent years. Example: the MENA. Southeast Asia has inspired halal diplomacy with other players. I analyze whether China is a major halal market partner and their influence for each situation. This trend is also seen in major halal markets like MENA, EU, and ASEAN as these countries expand their halal certification processes. The paper examines halal markets and global South relations, focusing on China's influence, and outlines the interview methods...