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Mara Thacker

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Global Popular Culture Librarian, University Library
South Asian Studies Librarian, University Library
Associate Professor, University Library

Recent Publications

Thacker, M. L., & Larsen, J. (2023). Stretch goals: Launching crowdfunded comics collections in academic libraries. Art Libraries Journal, 48(3), 69–73.

Ambrosone, E. A., Ring, L. A., & Thacker, M. L. (2022). Collections, care, and the collective: Experiments in collaborative fieldwork in area studies librarianship. IFLA Journal, 49(1), 39-51. Advance online publication.

Thacker, M. L., Teper, T. H., Lenkart, J., & Coskun, E. (2019). Establishing the impact of area studies collections and exploring opportunities for collaborative collecting. Library Resources and Technical Services, 63(1), 46-61.

Thacker, M. L., & Laut, J. R. (2018). A collaborative approach to undergraduate engagement. Portal, 18(2), 283-300.

Thacker, M., Christensen, S., & Dickson, E. (2018). Exploring the Culture of Engagement for Liaison Librarians at a Research University. Journal of Library Administration, 58(6), 561-582.

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