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Rajmohan Gandhi

Additional Campus Affiliations

Research Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

Recent Publications

Shah, P., Devy, G. N., Patwardhan, A., Punyani, R., Gandhi, R., & Parikh, G. G. (2021). Protecting the sabarmati ashram. Economic and Political Weekly, 56(32), 4.

Gandhi, R. (2017). Gandhi and Punjab. In Gandhi's Moral Politics (pp. 35-56). Taylor and Francis.

Gandhi, R. (2015). Independence and social justice: The Ambedkar-Gandhi Debate. Economic and Political Weekly, 50(15), 35-44.

Gandhi, R. (2015). Response to Arundhati Roy. Economic and Political Weekly, 50(30), 83-85.

Gandhi, R. (2014). Dimpacting each other: Reflections on the US-India relationship. Comparative American Studies, 12(1-2), 1-5.

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